About us

AFCO TRADERS Ltd is a family owned company, that sources and repreents fine products from small and medium producers to a wide customer base. We are actively involved with major sustainability intitiatives, social responsibility, organic and fairtrade.

We are specialists and brokers in the food sector focused on rare and unique foods, ingredients, delicacies, and ethnic products for professional buyers, specialty stores, the Horeca channel  and anyone wishing to discover the finest foods from around the world. Our portfolio has a selection of organic, bio, eco-friendly and natural products; our range includes unique delicacies such as saffron, superfoods, organic vegetables and prepared beef, poultry and fish gourmet products, organic virgin olive oil and mediterranean spices,  artisan chocolate and sweets, natural beverages, rare and fine wines, as well as natural cosmetics, to name just a few.

We offer small producers, artisan, natural and bio/eco producers custom services, from marketing to sales, through consumer and category research up to imports and exports, striving in placing quality products at the reach of UK & EU consumers.